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Risk-based Ground Water and Soil Cleanup  
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Project Sites

The following list of sites is organized according to technology to provide an overview of the extensive hands-on experience within P. E. Haas & Associates, LLC.  We believe that if you have not worked directly with a technology, you do not really know that technology.

Stream-line Field Site Characterization (e.g. TRIAD)

Deep multilevel ground water profiling results in the detection of two uncharacteristically long (e.g. 1,200-1,600 foot long) and diving dissolved benzene plumes at Galena Airport, Alaska.

Conduct of adaptive site characterization at former fire protection training area where a discrete distribution of perchloroethene was detected in ground water at 17-66 mg/L.  Under this effort, 3-4 discrete depths at each of 72 locations were sampled and analyzed in the field within 16 days of field work.  Previously undiscovered portions of 5 distinct chlorinated solvent plumes were identified and delineated under this single mobilization.  16 days of adaptive site characterization produced more than the previous 15 years of site characterization and remedial investigation activities!

Conduct of electromagnetic borehole flowmeter logging in Spain to determine preferential ground water flow zones and hydraulic conductivity profiles and their effects on contaminant fate and transport at an Air Base in Spain.

Adaptive site characterization effort in Charleston, SC which included the installation of discretely screened monitoring wells using a direct push rig in an area where previously undiscovered trichlorethene DNAPL at 390 mg/L in ground water was discovered.  Prepacked well screens and bentonite seals were used for rapid cost-effective deployment and to ensure high well integrity.

Stream-lined site characterization of chlorinated solvent plume at King Salmon Airport, Alaska.  Ground water sampling, field chlorinated solvent analysis, plume mapping, and final monitoring well installation conducted during one mobilization with all necessary equipment on the rig.

Deployment of an electromagnetic borehole flow meter to delineate vertical intervals of higher permeability.  This testing is essential to the proper understanding of potential preferential contaminant flow paths as well as the design of organic substrate injection to promote the anaerobic dechlorination of chlorinated solvents

Soil gas investigation conducted at Galena Airport, Alaska to complete a due diligence on potential sources of volatile organic contaminants in soil

Installation of injection and monitoring wells for enhanced bioremediation of TCE-contaminated ground water via edible oil emulsion at King Salmon Air Station, Alaska.  Results from previous days sampling and field chlorinated solvent analysis were used to select well locations and screened intervals.

Expedited site characterization at former Wurtsmith AFB, MI using a multilevel ground water grab sampling and pneumatic slug tests, a field VOC lab, GPS, and field data mapping.

Natural Attenuation:

Eielson AFB, AK - Natural attenuation with long-term monitoring of chlorinated solvents at Site 45/57

Massachusetts Military Reservation Landfill No. 1 - "Natural attenuation removes 5700 pounds of chlorinated solvents over 50 years; 1.6 million gallon per day pump and treat system removes 76 pounds over 50 years"  Project achieves $140M cost avoidance.

England AFB, LA Site SS-45 - Natural attenuation with long-term monitoring approved under RCRA remedial action plan on 240 acre chlorinated solvent plume


Effective project management results in the installation,  2-year operation, and monitoring of 35 bioventing systems for <$45K/system

Bioventing performance evaluation at South POL Tank Farm Galena Airport, AK.  -35F !

Free Product Recovery

LNAPL baildown recovery testing conducted at King Salmon Airport, AK for recovery feasibility assessment. 

Vapor Intrusion

Performance monitoring of a subslab depressurization system at Galena Aviation Technical Center, Galena, AK. 

Remedial Process Optimization:

Picture of Diffusion Bag Samplers in Spain

Deployment of diffusion bag samplers to define vertical contamaminant concentration profiles in a monitoring well in Spain that is within the capture zone of three drinking water production wells.  Electromagnetic borehole flowmeter, multilevel low flow sampling, continuous water level logging, and multilevel diffusion bag samplers were deployed to define potential contaminant entry locations into drinking water production wells

King Salmon Airport, Alaska - Shutdown of ground water seep collection systems likely to reduce cost to complete by $40M