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Risk-based Ground Water and Soil Cleanup  
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About Us

P. E. Haas & Associates, LLC is a full service company qualified to provide its customers with concrete results and forward progress toward site closure.  Our philosophy is Results, Results, and Results.  We provide our customers the right combination of:

  1. Risk-based decision-making;
  2. Effective and cost-effective site characterization and remediation technologies;
  3. Solutions that meet public and regulatory requirements.

P. E. Haas & Associates, LLC possesses and applies practical hands-on experience.  We promote and execute accelerated field-based site characterization strategies that not only characterize sites more completely and more cost-effectively than traditional approaches, but also integrate critical technology feasibility data collection early in the process.  You can trust us to assist you in the selection, design, implementation, and optimization of your site cleanup process.

P. E. Haas & Associates, LLC is certified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZONE) company by the Small Business Administration.

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